We help brands fly high and achieve their Amazon goals

Ecompartner is an Amazon Europe growth agency based in Barcelona, Spain.

Founded in may 2017 we have spent the past years growing brands on Amazon, managing Amazon accounts, running PPC campaigns or just helping brands go above and beyond their goals. On average we have reduced our clients cost by 30% and growed their profits by at least 65% after 3 months we started working together.

Our clients are worldwide, ranging from Germany, UK, USA, Spain and Italy.

We work with 6, 7, and 8-figure brands to increase their profit, lower their ad costs, acces new markets and sell their products to new clients.

Together we will find the best solutions to grow your business on Amazon!


Our History

We aren’t just another Amazon marketing agency. We’re a seller (just like you), since we manage many of our client’s accounts and PPC campaigns, and we are a pretty darn good one. 

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve their goals under our professional guidance. To bring brands to life on Amazon!

Our Vision

To be the most reliable partner companies trust when wanting to succeed and quickly scale on Amazon Europe marketplaces.



Ecompartner  was founded and is lead by Stefano Puddu.

Entrepreneurial minded with broad experience in Ecommerce, Amazon marketplace, Digital marketing, Data Analysis, as well as Planning and developing effective business strategies.

He has a deep knowledge on how to be sucessfull on Amazon since he has quickly grown his private label brand from scratch. Moreover he has helped many brands excel on Amazon.

Do you wanna know how and why the agency started?

“Ecompartner was born in a Chinese hotel lobby while I was visiting the Canton fair. During breakfast I had a casual conversation  with a German retailer company CEO who was struggling to get results for their brand on Amazon and hired me on the spot to manage his company’s account for them. Suddenly I knew that my mission was to share my e-commerce knowledge and help other companies replicate what I did for my brand.”

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