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Recently our Director Stefano Puddu was interviewed by Joseph Cox, the founder of Ecommerce Accountants LLP.

“It was one of the most interesting interview I have done so far.
At the end it was fun, challenging questions bring the most out of us.”

He discussed his e-commerce journey and how we help Amazon businesses expand in the EU.

If you’re an Amazon Seller and you’re looking to expand into the EU then by listening to this interview you can get a good idea of what it takes!

Our Director Stefano Puddu had a nice conversation with renowned corporate lawyer and Us tax expert for Amazon Sellers Scott Letourneau on ins and outs of selling on Amazon Europe.

He discussed the steps we take and the challenges we help brand overcome to successfully set up shop in the Old Continent.

If you are a US brand thinking of scaling on Amazon Europe you will definitely get a lot of value listening to this interview.