How to Effectively Protect Your Brand with Amazon Brand Registry

If you’re a brand owner that sells on Amazon, then you know that protecting your brand and its integrity can be a fulltime job on its own. There are many brands who balk at selling on Amazon fearing that their reputation will be tarnished by unethical sellers. With all the unfair actions used today by way too many sellers on Amazon today, it is crucial to fully protect your brand in order to avoid false claims, hijackers take over your own sales and other black hat actions to happen.

Even if you’re not directly selling your brand on Amazon, someone else most likely is. It’s extremely difficult to prevent your products from showing up on Amazon, which is why we recommend all brand owners to enroll in Amazon’s Brand RegistryJoining the Brand Registry will help protect your products from counterfeits while controlling the brand experience customers have when purchasing your goods.


What is the Amazon Brand Registry?