In order to show what we can do for you, we have taken 4 different brands. Each have their own challenges, ranging from 10 to 100s SKUs, with revenues between 6 – 7 figures.

 Three covers the entirety of the EU and One of the seller accounts is US based. Their categories are Home & Garden, Beaty, Home & Kitchen and Office Products. The time frame taken for this analysis is summer to Q4, in order to demonstrate the peaks and troughs of managing through low season and high season.

The summer period sees an increase in window shopping without commitment. In terms of PPC cost Q4 is notorious for high cost per clicks and budget waste, unless expertly managed with an optimal strategy to maximise sales and minimise loss.

Ppc management case studies

Case study N.1

Case study N.2

General case studies

Case study N.3

Case study N.4

What sets us apart from other Agencies?

At Ecompartner we provide a  tailored service once you steps onboard.

While managing accounts or PPC we have regular consultations and updates with our clients on execution and strategy.

During the initial audit, we usually find quick solutions to implement, putting in place a solid foundation for future success. 

Following are some strategies we implement to help our clients:

  • We provide a detailed analysis of SKUs profitability and ROI.
  • We look at loss-makers in the catalogue and how the client can make better use of their budget.
  • We have strategies in place for stock liquidation and have helped clients turn around failed launches.
If you want to grow your brand on Amazon, please reach out for a free consultation.


Our goal?

Grow YOUR brand's sales on the world’s largest marketplace