In order to show what we can do for you, we have taken 3 different brands, ranging from 10 to 100s SKUs, with revenues between 6 – 8 figures. Each has its own challenges and story.

How EcomPartner helped Ninjabatt cut monthly PPC cost by 24.000€ and increase ad revenues by 35% in 5 months.

The Client: 

Ninjabatt has been selling high quality laptop batteries and power banks on Amazon USA since 2014 and has steadily grown to 8 figures in revenues per year.

Ninjabatt partnered with EcomPartner in May 2021 and in 5 months they have saved a total of 119,000€ in PPC cost on Amazon Europe, while increasing their revenues.

How EcomPartner Helped this Beauty Startup launch 9 Products & reach 4832 Orders In 3 Months across all Amazon EU markets.

The Client: 

Lorraine is a French e-commerce business owner in the Beauty category. 

She started her D2C store in 2015 and scaled it to the point where she felt the only way to grow revenues was to launch her products on Amazon Europe.

We created state of the art content for her and successfully launched her product in France and the UK and then in the rest of the EU.

How EcomPartner Helped Maxxus launch 3 new lines of products and reach their sales goals on Amazon Europe.

The Client: 

Maxxus is a German fitness brand with a yearly turnover in the high 8 figures. 

They wanted to launch 18 of their weight machines first in Germany and then in Spain, Italy and UK.

We took care of making the process quick and efficient for them, reaching the goal of 250k EUR monthly sales within 6 months.