Ninjabatt sells high quality laptop batteries and power banks. It has been selling on Amazon EU and USA since 2014 and has steadily grown to almost 8 figures in revenues per year.

Ninjabatt partnered with Ecompartner in November 2019 and in 6 months they have saved 62,000€ in PPC cost in the EU while increasing revenues.

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In the fall of 2019 things were going well for Ninjabatt on Amazon. The brand had a good organic position for their products in the 5 Amazon Europe and the 2 North America marketplaces. However, to compete in such a competitive niche they had to rely on Amazon advertising PPC.

After having worked with other agencies and freelancer who overpromised and didn’t deliver they were skeptical but realized how much PPC costs were eating out their margins and in November 2019  they made the decision to  work with Ecompartner. Soon the results will prove them right.

"I wasn't satisfied with the results we got with other agencies and freelancers. After 6 months working with Ecompartner I have to admit they have been my best hire."
Dor Gefen
CEO - Ninjabatt and Odoga

Global PPC Perfomance (EU +USA)

  October 2019

March 2020

PPC Perfomance example - France

France –  October 2019

France –  March 2020

EU results after 6 months with Ecompartner

24 %
12 %
Conversion Rate
0.5 %
305 k

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