Case Study n.3

New Product & 700+ Orders In The Second Month

How EcomPartner helped Oneclod launch 9 Products & reach 1756 Orders In The Third Month across all Amazon EU markets.

The Client: 

Oneclod is an Italian e-commerce business owner in the Beauty category. 

She started her D2C store in 2015 and scaled it to the point where she felt the only way to grow revenues was to launch her products on Amazon Europe.


A new product launch strategy with the aim to get sales and increase visibility.

Plan of Action

Beginning with a product launch strategy to increase the visibility and sales, we did Amazon PPC, sales boost and generated outside traffic to Amazon. 


By the end of Feb 2019, we got more than 1000 orders thanks to our product launch strategy., we reached 387 orders in Jan 2018 & 705 orders in Feb 2018 with increasing more visibility on our product which brought it on 1st page from the 3rd page.

700+ orders per month.

Sales rank improvement from #27,283 to #4295

More than 95% increase in visibility.