PPC Case study N.1

In this case study the Advertising Cost of Sales saw a reduction of 11,38% in six months, from 21.43% down to 10.05%.

PPC costs were drastically reduced.

Sales increase from €3,872 to €75,862.

Advertising spend goes from €805 to €7,127. 

Overall growth is 1322,42%, a very strong boost in client product sales.

Clients orders increase from 126 units in the frist month to 2,008 in the sixt month six – an increase of 1484.36%.

So this uplift was PPC optimisation driven. 

No new product were launched during this period

The PPC to Organic sales ratio increases significantly from 4.36% to 41.65% with a sale growth of 835.35%.

Pay Per Click Acquisition Costs sees a significant decline from €7.05 to €3.71.

This means a solid decrease of 47.09% in average spend per PPC sale, putting dollars back into the client’s pocket.

The Average Revenue grows from €36.36 to €36.42 per unit (+0.12%).

No new product are launched and little-to-no discounts is offered during this period.

This helps in keeping the average revenue per PPC sale consistent.

This metric is very important, it determines three things: how well PPC is dialed in, relevance to consumer factor and how optimised the detail pages are.

Sizable reduction from 8.9 to 6.9 clicks over the six month period. This represents a decrease of 21.86%.

The average impressions has decreased from 2,829 to 1,482 – a decline of 47.61% per PPC conversion.

This reduction means higher relevance and streamlined targeting for optimal CTR. 

Client Total Revenue has increased in this period from €128,587.64 in month one, to a respectable €174,296.54 in month six; a total revenue growth of 35.55%. This also demonstrates the seasonality of the products on this account.

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