PPC Case study N.2

ACOS has decreased significantly by 9% after seven month. Down from 25.54% to 16.21%. This positive change has successfully reduced the client’s expenditure.

Product sales have substantially increased from $9,176 to $132.274. Ad spend went from $2,253 to $21,462. The overall increase here is calculated at an impressive sales growth of 1342%.

Orders have seen a large and significant jump from 238 units to 2,883 – a huge increase of 1115%. This is due to a combination of existing product PPC optimisation and the launch of new products during peak season.

Units sold with PPC vs Organic have grown by 192%, with a dramatic increase from 16.14% to 46.95%. It is also important to say that we have either kept an overall profit per unit or break-even on a per unit basis.

In this case PPC Acquisition Costs has been successfully reduced from $9.53 to $7.38. This reduction has put dollars back into the client’s pocket. It also means a significant decline  of 30.22% in the average spend per PPC sale.

Client’s Average Revenue has increased from $38.69 to $45.88 per unit. This positive result has improved revenue share by 18.51%, positively contributing to overall sales.

This metric is very important because it represents how well  optimised the PPC campaign is, how relevant it is to a buyer search, and the level of listing optimization.  The consistent reduction from 14.8 to 7.6 click gives a decrease of 47.4%.

Average impressions to PPC conversion has decreased from 6,143 to 2,231 – a significant decline of 64.5%. This reduction has successfully helped Click Through Rate (CTR).

Total Revenue has grown exponentially within the data analysis period. Revenue has increased from $49,593 in the first month, to $251,534 in the seven month; a significant total revenue growth of 408%.

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