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We help awesome brands scale quickly by expanding to Europe.

Increase your profits by accessing hot markets with a total of 450 million people.

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Stefano Puddu – GM 

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Tired of losing ground to your competitors?

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How we work with you

We translate and optimize your listings, launch your products, create PPC campaigns (sponsor product, brand, display), and more.

Stop competing in over saturated markets!

Do you feel overwhelmed, or do you lack the time and the experience to properly expand to Europe?

You are not alone. Here is the brutal truth about selling your brand’s products on Amazon Europe: it is complicated! 

As the second-largest Amazon Marketplace outside the U.S., Amazon Europe represents an opportunity to sell your products to millions of new, organic consumers. As well, Amazon EU is not as saturated as U.S.

Amazon Europe is still a great platform to be, but it is getting increasingly crowded, competitive, and difficult to navigate. 

Solution? An experienced partner, who has been in the trenches before, who supports you and guides you.

Start selling fast in Europe with our support.

Do you think scaling in Europe is complicated and risky? Our experience makes it easy for you. 

By the end of 2021, ecommerce sales are expected to
reach more than $470 billions in Europe, which is +12.8% YoY.
With a European Unified Account, you can sell in multiple Amazon
stores from a single account, simplifying listing, pricing,
fulfillment, and payments.

Europe has different holidays and different sales periods to the US, enabling you to double up on your peak sales times. Huge new revenue streams and massive accelerated growth are within your reach.

To start, we suggest using the “FBA European Fulfillment Network (EFN)” – You ship and store products from one EU warehouse location, which will then ship from to customers across Europe.

Learn about the different products you can sell in Europe on
Amazon and understand which categories are restricted or require  approval.



To win, you need to approach your business with an entrepreneurial mindset, using the same strategies the big players use. 

We analyze your current operations: account health, product listings, seller metrics, pricing, PPC campaigns. To keep healthy profit margins you need a well devised plan of action. We do a preliminary market study for you. We check your competitors, do a SWOT analysis, and help you pick the best products and countries to launch first. 


Keyword research and product listing creation, translations and optimization. Advanced strategies to rank your products in the first positions on Amazon Serp. External traffic funnels.


We create, optimize, improve and manage your PPC campaigns (sponsor product, sponsor brand, display). By using our own “A10 Quantum Isolation” System we’ve been able to keep ACoS on average at 9% and  CTR at 1,2%


We help you with product selection and logistic intelligence. We Streamline processes and operations, address customer service best practices to make sure you comply with Amazon Regulations. And much more…


 Large partner network that can support all your additional needs. From VAT/Customs registration and reporting, to Fin-tech, from accounting to legal compliance.

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Stefano Puddu – GM