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We Help Brands Scale On Amazon Europe with cost-efficient Advertising.

Tired of spending too much money on ads?

We partner with 7/8 figures brands to cut their ad spent by on average 55%.

"I wasn't satisfied with the results we got with other agencies and freelancers. After 6 months working with Ecompartner I have to admit they have been my best hire."
Dor Gefen
CEO - Electricdepot - Ninjabatt
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By using our own “A9 Isolation System” we’ve been able to decrease our clients Acos on average by 55% while increasing total revenues by 35%, CTR to 2% and total conversion rate by 11%. That’s why most of our clients have been working with us for years.

What does this mean for you and your brand? Thousands more product units sold and hundreds of thousand € more in your pocket every month.

How we work with you

Amazon ads campaigns optimization

Stop struggling with high Acos.

Avoid decreasing your profit margins while revenues go up.
Do you feel overwhelmed or do you lack the time and the experience to properly manage and optimize PPC campaigns?

You are not alone. Here is the brutal truth about selling your brand’s products on Amazon: it is complicated! The biggest marketplace in the world is still a great platform to be but it is getting increasingly crowded, competitive, and difficult to navigate. Advertising optimization is the key to beat your competitors and grow your market share. However, PPC costs are skyrocketing in Europe and brands like yours are struggling to keep healthy profit margins.

Avoid losing your net profit margins while revenues go up.

We create, optimize, improve and manage your PPC campaigns (sponsor product, sponsor brand, display).

We use a mix of expert creaive manual management the most advanced AI and amchine learning tools available. Our reports and insights will give you a winning perspective on your business.
Do you want to reduce your Acos, increase your ad revenues and keep higher profits margins in your pocket?

What our clients have to say

We were struggling with an overall high Acos of 25% in Europe. At first, I was skeptical but after just 3 months working with Ecompartner our Acos was cut to 16%. This means we are saving each month €12.500 in ad spent. I am happy to have found a long term partner who is helping us get grow on Amazon Europe.
Dor Gefen
Founder and CEO - ED
Stefano is a very professional consultant and has a very deep understanding of Amazon. He does not overpromise and works very structural with clear communication and deadlines. It was a pleasure working with him and his team and I would definitely recommend him and his agency.
Ivan Lukanov
CEO - Maxxus Group

Very positive experience! It was a pleasure to work with Ecompartner. Good communication and great Amazon skills. Trustworthy throughout the process. I would recommend them to others and I plan on partnering with them to support us in our Amazon Europe growth plan.
Marco Rossini
COO Ingrosso Store


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