referral program

Refer Clients to Grow your Revenues

Thank you for you interest in our partner referral program! Over the years, we’ve found that working with companies like yours is the best way to cultivate win-win relationships.

You win

By earning referral fees and by adding an ethical digital marketing partner to your professional network.

Your clients win

As they are referred to a knowledgeable and reputable digital marketing partner who will grow their business on Amazon Europe.

How does it work?

When one of your referrals becomes an Ecompartner client, you’ll receive the following Referral Fee:

  • 20% for the first 3 months of any monthly retainers projects  
  • 4% for each month your referral remains our client
  • 15% for one-time projects


Send your clients an email introducing us Or arrange a skype call with the three of us.

Every month after the clients pay us.

They are calculated over the amount we charge the clients.

Via wire transfer or Paypal, as you prefer.